Young Men are Biologically Driven to Succeed

Our Mentors Teach Them How to Channel Their Primal Energy Into Positive Beliefs & Productive Behaviors

We Help Them Develop Their Masculine Wisdom

Our Graduates Become More Respectful, Responsible & Resourceful

This Program Is for Your Son!

All Young Men, regardless of their socio-economical background, share the same concerns about becoming a successful adult. The Young Men’s Ultimate Weekend (YMUW) is a non-religious, modern rite of passage that allows young men to safely voice their concerns about becoming a man, and acquire the leadership skills necessary for a responsible adulthood.

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For Young Men – Young Men’s Ultimate Weekend (Initiation)

Jun 27-29, 2014
Cove Girl Scout Camp
Napa, CA

Aug 15-17, 2014
Location TBD
Inland Northwest Region

Sept 12-14, 2014
Boulder Creek Boy Scout Camp
Boulder Creek, CA

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For Parents — Parenting Your Challenging Teenage Son (Workshop)

May 17-18, 2014
San Rafael, CA

Jun 28-29, 2014
Napa, CA

Sept 13-14, 2014
Scotts Valley, CA

Nov 1-2, 2014
San Rafael, CA

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This video was produced by two YMUW Volunteers, Steve Fox & Navyo Ericson

For Parents with Challenging Sons
Learn what your son really wants, what he truly needs and how to effectively communicate and motivate your son to do the right things.  Click Here

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