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Mentoring Your Son to Be Happier and More Independent

Follow Up Programs for Your Son

It’s not reasonable for parents to think that by sending their sons to the YMUW initiation, they’re all going to become respectful and responsible young men overnight. Many young men benefit from the continuation of their initiation education by attending our follow up programs:

These two programs can benefit your son, whether he has attended a YMUW or not.

1) RIGHT Skills Program – Mark Schillinger

The purpose of this program for young men, ages 13 – 22, is to mentor them to help develop their personal, social, financial and academic skills. Each session includes brief lectures, open forum discussion, playing exercises, fun, physical movement and healthy snacks.

Each module will focus on a specific aspect of life that will help your son become more responsible for his physical health and mental well-being.

These are the five modules:

1) Discovering and Mastering Who You Are

2) Decreasing Your Stress and Increasing Your Energy

3) Setting and Completing Your Goals

4) Improving Your Relationship Skills

5) Getting a Job and Managing Your Money

The program runs for five consecutive Tuesdays in San Rafael beginning September 27 and ending on October 25. It begins at 4 PM and ends at 6 PM (PT).

For more details about each program and registration, click here.


2) Teen Boys Team – Richard Platt, LMFT

The purpose of this weekly team meeting is to mentor young men to live life with integrity, to give and get respect, to master their energy, and to more respectfully interact with their family and community. Each week the mentors will support your son to face his current challenges head on in order to prepare him for a successful adulthood. Your son will learn how to set goals and follow through. Each session includes boxing workouts where your son learns to push through barriers and develop discipline.

The team meets on Fridays from 4 – 7 PM at the Manzanita Recreation Center in Marin City, CA.

For more details click here.


If you want more information about either one of these programs call Mark Schillinger, YMUW Co-founder, at (415) 785 – 8818 or email him at info@ChallengingTeenageSons.com.



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