At YMUW, young men learn that males need humor to reduce anxiety, so we all laugh a lot!

YMUW has been complimented by young men and parents alike. Below you will find just a few of the many testimonials demonstrating the impact of the YMUW on young men, parents and volunteers.

“Thanks for your work. My grandson Zach benefited from the weekend. His face showed lots of changes and feelings as he was standing before his father at the end. When he got home, he immediately got a second job to save for his college needs!”

L.K., grandparent of YMUW graduate

“My nephew grew up primarily without a father and a mother who tried over compensating for the same. He was angry, confused and lacked focus in school. Since my nephew did his Young Men’s Ultimate Weekend our relationship has greatly improved and we are able to find a common ground between us to enhance our communication. I won’t say things are always perfect, but we are better off since his experience at the YMUW.”

R.P., uncle of YMUW graduate


“Before I attended the YMUW I struggled with setting my lifelong goals, including what I wanted to do for a living and what I wanted out of life. At the Weekend I learned that, even though I’m not always sure where my path will lead, I have to trust my intuition. Now, three years after my weekend I have a good career and I am content with my life, relying on my intuition rather than questioning it.”

B.M., YMUW graduate, Age 22



“I just want to say THANK YOU!!!!!! There is such a wonderful shift in my son. He enjoyed the weekend from beginning to end, and he is proud of his warrior role. You guys do fabulous work.”

L.T., mother of YMUW graduate

“Thank you for the awesome weekend my son had to the Boulder Creek initiation. I thought the first program he attended was amazing, but this one really put a lot of struggles behind him (and need to). Your all proving once again that it actually does take a village. I and many other parents are very grateful that you are there for these young men and us. Thank you!”

J.G., parent of YMUW graduate


“My 15 year old son has attended 2 YMUW initiations, and both were great for him. It has helped him think things through way more carefully. He is excited that he has now earned a place with the men as a volunteer in future YMUW initiations.”

K.W., father of YMUW graduate and YMUW volunteer



“This experience was unbelievable! This is the best way to get in touch with yourself and become an honorable man.”

JoJo, Age 20

“My 21 year-old son did the Weekend when he was 16 and it changed his life. He now has and honors a family of his own.”

L.M., parent of YMUW graduate

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