"Only a life lived in the service to others is worth living" Albert Einstein

About Volunteering


Serving others, without ego gratification, for the purpose of fulfilling our innate need to connect with others in a meaningful way, is fundamental for the success of any community. People universally report a rush of good feeling, euphoria and a long-lasting sense of emotional well-being when they volunteer. We have been most fortunate to fulfill our Mission and it’s objectives because of the dedication and outstanding efforts of our volunteers.

We have been joined in our mission by teachers, coaches, youth counselors, therapists, parents, young men, an advisory board of male experts, and people from all walks of life who recognize that today’s young adults are tomorrow’s leaders. Working together has accelerated all of us in our emotional and spiritual maturity.

YMUW welcomes new volunteers. We always place our volunteers in the areas that they choose to focus their endeavors, including:

* Volunteering at The Weekend
* Office Staff
* Fundraising
* Public Relations
* Community Outreach
* Program Development
* Volunteer Coordination
* Site Procurement (Permanent home for YMUW events)

How to Volunteer

092212_YMUW_0298The California Mentor Foundation says that mentoring a child is “the single most important action a caring adult can take to ameliorate America’s social ills”. Even in healthy families, it takes effective modeling from adults other than the parents to ensure that children learn how to live a fulfilling and productive life in their community.

In order to serve at the weekend as a full-time volunteer, or as a mentor, he must attend the Development and Trust (D&T) training day, a day-long orientation filled with education and ceremonies that show him the RIGHT Way® to be with young men. The volunteers and mentors receive information and instruction on how to become men of integrity, preparing to serve as role models of the YMUW values. They come away from the training ready to “run with the bulls” at the Weekend!

Development & Trust Meeting

VolPic3Volunteers are required to attend the all day Development & Trust meeting prior to each Weekend. Contact us today to find out more details about the positions we have to offer you. Get ready to break through to new levels of self respect and confidence!

Background checks are conducted on all of our Weekend mentors to ensure that we bring a high level of character to the Weekend. A 1-hour “Clearing Call” is conducted with each volunteer to insure he is clear about the commitments and benefits of volunteering at the Weekend. To volunteer for this incredible and rewarding experience as a mentor, please view the “Volunteer Welcome Letter” below, complete the other forms below as appropriate and send or deliver them to YMUW.



Purpose of the Young Men’s Ultimate Weekend:
To provide young men a weekend filled with incredible fun and challenges,
while building a foundation for a confident and successful adulthood,
through learning the importance of teamwork, developing a
sense of accomplishment and acquiring leadership skills.

2017 Weekends – *Please Select One
   YMUW_June_201  June 9th–11th, The Boy Scout Camp, Boulder Creek, CA
 YMUW_September_2017  September 15th–17th, The Cove Scout Camp, Napa, CA
How did you hear about YMUW? If Other:


*Last Name:  
*First Name:  
*City: *State: *Zip:
*Home Phone: Work: *Cell:
Grade Level: *Date of Birth: Age:
List any physical, psychiatric or medical conditions
we should know about:


 I Agree *I have read, and agree the attached Terms and
Conditions: Terms & Conditions PLEASE READ CAREFULLY
*Parent/Guardian Name:
(if different from participant)
*Relationship to participant:
*Home Phone: *Work: *Cell:
*Emergency Contact:
*Emergency Phone:


Sponsor Name:
Home Phone: Work: Cell:


*Doctor’s Name: *Doctor’s Phone:
Insurance Carrier Name:
Insurance/Group Plan #: ID#:
List any medication you will be taking during the weekend:
Special dietary requirements:


Check all items that apply, past or present, to your health history. Please explain any checked items.

  Asthma  yes  
  Diabetes  yes  
  Kidney Disease  yes  
  Cancer/Leukemia  yes  
  Heart Trouble  yes  
  Convulsions  yes  
  Hemophilia  yes  
  Seizures  yes  
  High Blood Pressure  yes  
Please Explain:
List any physical or behavioral conditions that may affect or limit full participation in swimming, backpacking, hiking or strenuous physical activities:
Do you have a history of walking in your sleep?  yes

List special equipment needed such as wheelchair, braces, glasses, contact lenses, etc.



  1. I understand the Young Men’s Ultimate Weekend may take place in a wilderness setting and will be physically demanding. I will give my best to this challenge.
  2. I will not bring any non-prescription drugs, illegal materials, weapons, tobacco or alcohol. I will not smoke tobacco/anything during this event.
  3. I will ensure the safety of myself the young men and volunteers at all times.
  4. I am enthusiastic about this weekend and I agree to participate fully with a positive attitude!
  5. I understand I am making a commitment to be prepared for and attend the Young Men’s Ultimate Weekend.
  6. I understand that I may be removed from the Weekend if I fail to comply with any of these commitments.

 I Commit   *I have read, and agree to these commitments.

When you have completed the Volunteer Registration application, please click on the "Send Registration and Donation" button below to complete your Donation.  Thank You.

Note: For ALL Volunteer forms in One File Click on Link Below:

ALL VOLUNTEER Production Team Forms Information about volunteering for the YMUW

For Individual Forms, Click on Separate Links:

Volunteer Welcome Letter Information about volunteering for the YMUW

Volunteer Medical Information Form To be completed by all volunteers for Weekend production staff.

Background Release and Authorization To be completed by ALL volunteers for Weekend production staff. See form for details.

Background Update Questionnaire Alternate form to be completed by certain volunteers for Weekend production staff. See form for details.

100 Man Ceremony – Click on Link for 2017 Dates and Locations

Testimonials from Volunteers

William-Heaps“There are few opportunities for the men of our culture to come together and show the next generation that we are here to teach them, to support them, and to welcome them. At the same time, I think the volunteers, myself included, benefit as much from the experience the young men do. Regardless of the role that one fills in the weekend, the camaraderie is contagious.” – William Heaps, YMUW Volunteer

Brad-brown“I’ve been volunteering for the YMUW Production Staff for 10 years and I cannot imagine any more rewarding service for an adult male. One of reasons I’ve been coming back to YMUW year after year is that I am always amazed to be witness to the magic of watching a rowdy, sometimes very angry, group of young men start the Weekend and come out transformed into a loose, happy bunch two days later. The real secret of this service is how much the adult volunteers get out of it. I cannot describe how satisfying it is for an older man and a younger man to be working and playing side by side, except to say that there is something inherently primal about the connection. I realize they need me but that I need them too!” – Brad Brown, YMUW Mentor, Fire Keeper

Benefits for Volunteers

VolPic2The virtues held in high regard the Young Men’s Ultimate Weekend (Respect, Intelligence, Gallantry, Humor and True) are continuously modeled by the mentors, thus they lead by example. Our mentors know that the young men will be watching them, observing their every word and action. Young men crave the feeling of acceptance by older males and when they observe our mentors having fun while remaining focused they naturally begin to emulate the behavior of the mentors.


In his book, Male Menopause, author Jed Diamond, men’s health expert and YMUW adviser, states, “One of the primary community roles that elder males must engage if they are to be successful, is to be mentors to young men. Without elder males committed to the well-being of young males, the society falls apart”. Immediately after serving at a YMUW, our mentors describe their experience that can be summarized as a primal sense of excitement and accomplishment. They feel fulfilled that they have performed their biological obligation of passing their wisdom along to younger men.

Magically, after serving at a Weekend the mentors are more calm and more confident about who they are. They are inspired to go back to their families and communities to be the best men that they can be. Perhaps the most profound benefit is that the mentors are privileged to hear the young men pray about how they want to make a difference in the world. The mentors leave the Weekend trusting that the young men are ready to be heroes and take good care of the world.

Special Call for Volunteers

ROCK Summer Camp

Real Options for City Kids (ROCK) is looking for volunteers! ROCK aims to promote the positive development and long-term success of the youth that it serves through a combination of in-school and afterschool learning enrichment, sports and fitness, leadership training and outdoor adventure opportunities. ROCK’s programs are designed to serve girls and boys, ages 6-17, who live in or attend school in San Francisco’s Visitacion Valley. Click here for more information.